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Cape Ann TV brings home coveted ACM awards

Samantha interviews Mayor Kirk

The Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region has announced the winners of the Fall Video Festival, and this year, Cape Ann TV is taking home two awards. Cape Ann TV won a Second Place award in the Children and Youth category for the Cape Ann TV Youth Productions Club “Interview with Mayor Kirk,” and a Third Place award in the General Talk Show category for “Cape Ann Profiles: Egypt Revolution” produced by Rich Sagall.

“All credit for the award belongs to Samantha and Cape Ann TV,” said Mayor Carolyn Kirk. “She asked thoughtful questions and made me feel comfortable during the interview — not something that can always be said of professional news organizations!”

“The students who participate in our after school video club created a professional looking program, they do a fabulous job!” said Lisa Smith who coordinates the youth program. “This show was interesting to watch because Samantha Delaney-Burke, who was only in eight-grade at the time, had a great rapport with the Mayor. She interviewed the mayor from a teen perspective, and the viewer could learn about some of the influences that shaped the Mayor as a young person.”

Cape Ann TV Youth Productions landed another coveted award earlier this year winning the top award for “Bad Day at Good Harbor,” from among all of the high school entries for the Gloucester Education Foundation Video Contest. The Youth Productions After School program has weekly meetings this fall on Tuesdays from 3-5 p.m.

The other award recipient, Rich Sagall, producer of Cape Ann Profiles, was equally honored to receive recognition. “We are so pleased to win this award,” said Rich Sagall,” producer, “Our show is a great platform to interview a wealth of interesting people and topics in Cape Ann.” Cape Ann Profiles is a new interview program was started last fall and features local people in the community and many diverse local and international subjects of interest. Some of Sagall’s recent guests have covered topics from the NOAA and the fishing industry to the Egyptian Revolution. The program is cablecast on Fridays at 10:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.

“Cape Ann TV is working to help members to develop high quality programming skills and for our center to become a leader in providing valuable local content to the Cape Ann communities. These awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of all of our members and producers,” said Donna L. Gacek, the executive director of Cape Ann TV. Cape Ann TV is on Facebook and Twitter and you can find much more information on and

The ACM-NE Region includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. The ACM-NE Video Festival honors and promotes community communications and local cable programs that are first distributed on Public, Educational and Government (PEG) access or Local Origination (LO) cable television channels. Awards are presented to creative programs that address community needs, develop diverse community involvement, challenge conventional commercial television formats and move viewers to experience television in a different way.            

The ACM-NE mission is to foster the belief that in order for democracy to flourish, people must be active participants in their government, educated to think critically and free to express himself or herself.  The Mission of the Alliance for Community Media is to advance democratic ideals by ensuring that people have access to electronic media and by promoting effective communication through community uses of media. For more information about the ACM-NE, view


Learn Professional Audio Skills and Take your Productions to New Heights using Keyframing!

Cape Ann Television is offering two exciting new workshops conducted by professional producer and director Barry O’Brian. As a one time gift from Cape Ann TV, these workshops are open to the general public, not just members. We encourage you to invite your friends, family and anyone you know who is interested in producing great videos!

On Thursday November 10, reserve your space for the “Secrets of Recording Professional Audio.”  As professionals can tell you, audio quality is one of the most important aspects of a program and achieving high quality audio can also be one of the most challenging skills to master.  In public access, and especially here at Cape Ann TV, many of our programs are recorded in the field where everyday obstacles can be thrown into the path of recording a great interview or event. People have asked us questions like: “What should I do if my microphone fails?  How can I record a two-person interview when one person speaks more loudly than the other? What microphone should I use to avoid picking up existing sounds such as an air conditioner unit or noisy piece of equipment?  Do I have to place XLR cables all the way across a large room?  Is it safe to place a wireless microphone on a person who has a pacemaker?  What microphones should I ask staff for in my camera kit?”

Anyone who has ever spent hours in an editing room trying to “fix” audio or listened to their program and thought that they didn’t record the sound they actually heard during taping or anyone interested in learning to record professional quality audio, can take advantage of this opportunity. O’Brien and Cape Ann TV Production Coordinator Andrew Love will share insights into the many audio challenges they faced and are eager to hear about your experiences.  Join us for a workshop that can take you to the next level of professional audio recording!


“Secrets of Recording Professional Audio”

Thursday November 10 from 6 – 8 p.m.

Cape Ann TV, 38 Blackburn Center, Gloucester

978-281-2443 or email:


The second workshop focuses on “Keyframing in Final Cut Pro.” Keyframing, is a technique that allows you to control and adjust your audio, video, titles and special effects accurately down to a single frame (to a 30th of a second) and the results are eye-catching and professional.  Once you have mastered keyframing, a new world of possibilities are open to you in editing. You can enrich your audio with music, and natural sounds, animate your text, control the color and tone of your video for artistic effect, and create realistic effects such as explosions and flames. Anyone who is interested in editing more artistically should consider this workshop. Space is limited; so call us to reserve a space!


“Keyframing in Final Cut Pro”

Tuesday November 15 from 6 – 8 p.m.

Cape Ann TV, 38 Blackburn Center, Gloucester

978-281-2443 or email:

Operation Troop Support – Donate items to soldiers by November 21

Donate any of the following items to our troops:

 Food Items

Single serve packets Instant Coffee / Tea / Sugar / Powdered Cream

Granola bars / Nuts / Beef Jerky / Cereal and Oatmeal packets/ Cookies / Pretzels

Peanut butter – (don’t forget the Crackers!) Tuna / Fruit / Soup

Powdered Drink Mixes for Hot and Cold/Instant Hot Chocolate

Sun Flower Seeds / Trident Gum / Mints

*Individual serving sizes are ideal for our troops!

*Pull tabs on canned items, please.


All items are needed especially

Baby Wipes/ Q-TIPS/Feminine hygiene products

Lip Balm/Dry Skin Lotion/Foot Powder


                                          White socks appreciated! Troops walk 10+ miles every day

Fresh, clean socks are a luxury and a necessity, also

Underwear, Boxers/ Briefs /Thermals/ Ladies’ Panties/T-Shirts/Sport Bras

Recreational Time

Cards and Letters from home/Notes and Drawings from  school children

Books / Magazines / Playing Cards/Gloucester & Rockport Bumper Stickers

Crossword Puzzle Books / Word Find books

DVD’s / CD’s, Portable DVD Players, Portable CD Players

Telephone Cards, Small, Hand-held Electronic Games/Batteries AA and AAA

 ~Please remember our female soldiers too! ~

*Donations to Help with Mailing Costs and Telephone Cards are Appreciated

We ask that You keep all Our Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines and

Our Wounded Recovering in Military Hospitals around the World

In Your Thoughts and Prayers.

Donations will be accepted for holiday mailing through November 21, 2011

Please Deliver Your Donations to:

Lucia Amero

Office Of Veterans’ Services

12 Emerson Avenue

Gloucester, Ma 01930

For Pick-Up Telephone (978) 281-9740

Election Programming on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 – Week of October 24 – October 30

Monday, October 24

6:30 p.m. Gloucester City Councilor Ward 2 and Ward 3 Debate presented by the Cape Ann League of Women Voters (LWV)

9:00 p.m. Gloucester City Councilor-at-Large Debate presented by the Cape Ann LWV

Tuesday, October 25

11:30 p.m. Gloucester City Councilor Ward 2 and Ward 3 Debate presented by the Cape Ann LWV

Wednesday, October 26                                               

9:00 a.m. Gloucester City Councilor Ward 2 and Ward 3 Debate presented by the Cape Ann LWV

11:00 a.m. Gloucester City Councilor-at-Large Debate presented by the Cape Ann LWV 

Thursday, October 27                                                                       

10:00 a.m. Gloucester City Councilor Ward 2 and Ward 3 Debate presented by the Cape Ann LWV

12:00 p.m. Gloucester City Councilor-at-Large Debate presented by the Cape Ann LWV

11:30 p.m. Gloucester City Councilor-at-Large Debate presented by the Cape Ann LWV

 Friday, October 28

8:30 p.m. Cape Ann TV Gloucester Candidates Forum

Saturday, October 29

4:30 p.m. Cape Ann TV Gloucester Candidates Forum

6:00 p.m. Gloucester City Councilor Ward 2 and Ward 3 Debate presented by the Cape Ann LWV

7:30 p.m. Gloucester City Councilor-at-Large Debate presented by the Cape Ann LWV

Sunday, October 30

12:30 p.m. Cape Ann TV Gloucester Candidates Forum

7:30 p.m. Gloucester City Councilor Ward 2 and Ward 3 Debate presented by Cape Ann LWV

9:00 p.m. Gloucester City Councilor-at-Large Debate presented by Cape Ann LWV

11:00 p.m. Cape Ann TV Gloucester Candidates Forum

Freedom of Speech Week is the Third Week in October

Cape Ann Television (CATV) announced that Governor Deval L. Patrick has issued a Proclamation declaring the third week in October as Freedom of Speech Week.

“The Governor’s Proclamation is a wonderful way to recognize the importance of Public, Educational and Government Access centers throughout the Commonwealth,” stated Donna Gacek, Executive Director of CATV, “This week provides us another opportunity to raise public awareness about the First Amendment and the role of local community access centers  in educating and empowering the citizens of our Commonwealth.”

Governor Patrick signed the Proclamation on October 12, 2011, in order to provide Massachusetts residents with an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our Founding Fathers and to reflect on the rights and privileges of citizenship, as well as its responsibilities.  Patrick urged citizens of the Commonwealth to be cognizant of the event and to participate fittingly in its observance.

Debra Rogers, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Community Media adds, “I want to thank Governor Patrick for proclaiming the third week in October as Freedom of Speech Week in Massachusetts and for raising awareness of the vital role of public, education and government (PEG) access centers in ensuring freedom of speech and expression.”

National Free Speech Week (formerly National Freedom of Speech Week) is in its seventh year and encourages organizations and communities around the country to advance the cause of Free Speech through education and awareness activities.  National Free Speech Week is celebrated the third week of October every year.  It was created by the Media Institute and launched in 2005 with partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF).  The Institute maintains the NFSW Website and serves as a clearinghouse for information about National Freedom of Speech Week.

CATV is a not-for-profit membership-based organization that provides a public forum for Gloucester, Essex, Manchester and Rockport through Public, Educational and Government Access television and  provides media training, contemporary production facilities and cable channel access to promote media literacy so the communities it serves may exercise their First Amendment Right to free speech.

Support the CAP Act by calling or writing to legislators

Cape Ann TV would appreciate your support in helping to create awareness about the CAP Act and asking citizens to write to your legislators:

The Community Access Preservation Act (CAP Act), H.R. 1746 was introduced in May 2011 by Congresswoman Baldwin of Wisconsin and Congressman LaTourette of Ohio.  The passage of this Act is critical for the survival of local Community Media Centers – and local communities.   Unlike public broadcasting which receives a federal appropriation from Congress, community media does not receive federal or state funding but relies on fees paid by cable companies through franchise agreements.  Additionally, community media is often the only source of local news and information in many communities.

The CAP Act responds to several immediate threats to public, educational and governmental cable channels around the country:

It amends the Communications Act so that public, educational and governmental access funding may be used to support basic operational costs,
including employee salaries;

It reaffirms the principles of the Communications Act that cable providers should not discriminate, and should treat our members the same as other local broadcast channels;

It promotes the preservation of public, educational and governmental channels and ongoing funding from cable providers for local programming,
digital literacy training, public security and workforce development.

Community media provides local programming and services not available by broadcasters or cable companies.  High school basketball games, Board of Selectman and School Committee meetings, worship services, workshops for video production, youth programming and local news and information are critical for our citizens.  On average, a local community media center produces more than 1,100 hours of original local programming each year, with some centers producing upward of 15,000 hours per year.

Click this link to take action on this issue:


Cape Ann Recognized as an Arts destination in American Style magazine

Gloucester is no longer a just a vacation destination to watch fishermen casting their nets, or sunning on the heavenly white sands of Good Harbor Beach, or taking a whale watch cruise to see whales along Shellwagen  Bank.  Now, through the combined efforts of many Cape Ann artists and art organizations, Gloucester is on its way to making a name for itself as a prominent center for the arts.

The city was named a popular arts destination in an article published in the summer edition of AmericanStyle magazine. Gloucester was ranked third in the small-city category with cities a population below 100,000, just behind  Asheville, N.C., and Santa Fe, respectively.

The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (seARTS) is a coalition of individuals and organizations passionate about art and all working together to improve the economic base for the arts and the larger Cape Ann community. Cape Ann, which consists of the City of Gloucester, and the Towns of Essex, Manchester and Rockport, Massachusetts,  has inspired and nurtured artists from Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper to poets Charles Olson and Vincent Ferrini and many more. Every year, artists come to Cape Ann from all over the world to create and study. The visual and performing arts and a deep connection to the area’s rich history and natural beauty all flourish here, offering enrichment to residents and visitors alike. The thriving arts community includes 2,000 working artists: painters; sculptors; photographers; graphic, media and design artists; writers, craftsmen, musicians, dancers, actors, and filmmakers.