Learn Professional Audio Skills and Take your Productions to New Heights using Keyframing!

Cape Ann Television is offering two exciting new workshops conducted by professional producer and director Barry O’Brian. As a one time gift from Cape Ann TV, these workshops are open to the general public, not just members. We encourage you to invite your friends, family and anyone you know who is interested in producing great videos!

On Thursday November 10, reserve your space for the “Secrets of Recording Professional Audio.”  As professionals can tell you, audio quality is one of the most important aspects of a program and achieving high quality audio can also be one of the most challenging skills to master.  In public access, and especially here at Cape Ann TV, many of our programs are recorded in the field where everyday obstacles can be thrown into the path of recording a great interview or event. People have asked us questions like: “What should I do if my microphone fails?  How can I record a two-person interview when one person speaks more loudly than the other? What microphone should I use to avoid picking up existing sounds such as an air conditioner unit or noisy piece of equipment?  Do I have to place XLR cables all the way across a large room?  Is it safe to place a wireless microphone on a person who has a pacemaker?  What microphones should I ask staff for in my camera kit?”

Anyone who has ever spent hours in an editing room trying to “fix” audio or listened to their program and thought that they didn’t record the sound they actually heard during taping or anyone interested in learning to record professional quality audio, can take advantage of this opportunity. O’Brien and Cape Ann TV Production Coordinator Andrew Love will share insights into the many audio challenges they faced and are eager to hear about your experiences.  Join us for a workshop that can take you to the next level of professional audio recording!


“Secrets of Recording Professional Audio”

Thursday November 10 from 6 – 8 p.m.

Cape Ann TV, 38 Blackburn Center, Gloucester

978-281-2443 or email: alove@capeanntv.org


The second workshop focuses on “Keyframing in Final Cut Pro.” Keyframing, is a technique that allows you to control and adjust your audio, video, titles and special effects accurately down to a single frame (to a 30th of a second) and the results are eye-catching and professional.  Once you have mastered keyframing, a new world of possibilities are open to you in editing. You can enrich your audio with music, and natural sounds, animate your text, control the color and tone of your video for artistic effect, and create realistic effects such as explosions and flames. Anyone who is interested in editing more artistically should consider this workshop. Space is limited; so call us to reserve a space!


“Keyframing in Final Cut Pro”

Tuesday November 15 from 6 – 8 p.m.

Cape Ann TV, 38 Blackburn Center, Gloucester

978-281-2443 or email: alove@capeanntv.org


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