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CATV is now airing Cape Ann Graduation Ceremonies!

We are happy to announce that the local graduation events were covered and the three local Cape Ann High School Graduation Ceremonies will now be cablecast on our channels. The scheduled times for the events to be shown on Cape Ann Television are listed below. Enjoy!

Gloucester High Graduation:

Thursday, August 4:              1 p.m.           Channel 12
Friday, August 5:                  7 p.m.           Channel 67

Manchester-Essex Regional High Graduation

Thursday, August  4:            11 a.m.         Channel 12
Saturday, August 6:              2 p.m.          Channel 67

Rockport High Graduation

Thursday, August 4:           9 a.m.             Channel 12
Sunday, August 7:               7 p.m.             Channel 67


After the Beach Video Club at Cape Pond Ice

On Tuesday July 19, The After the Beach Video Club took a visit to Gloucester’s Cape Pond Ice where they were able to take a tour of the factory and learn about the business of making ice here on Cape Ann. The tour was led by company president Scott Memhard. The kids got to see the inside of of the cooler and then go outside and learn how ice is used for the fishing fleet in Gloucester and other areas that makes ice so useful throughout the year.

We hope you enjoy this short clip and look for the upcoming episode of Productions Club, showing the full tour to air soon on Cape Ann Television.

Cape Ann TV Annual Meeting: Looking at the Evolution of Public Access

This past May, Cape Ann Television held its Annual Member’s Meeting and one of our Board of Directors, Barry O’Brien, gave a special presentation about the evolution of television. In the presentation, Barry gives us the recent history of public access and how he sees it evolving. Barry views this as an important time for public access. We hope you can enjoy his informational presentation.

Gloucester Pro Wrestling Insider

As part of our new commitment to bring you more multimedia content online, we would like to release some entertaining clips from events shot here in studio recently here on our Cape Ann TV blog. This clip is from a special shoot “Pro Wrestling Insider” which was done as a promotion for the event that was shot by CATV at Fuller School here in Gloucester.

We hope you can enjoy this special clip, and look out more more video footage in the near future.

Students can Fulfill Community Service hours at Cape Ann TV!

Students! Have fun learning new skills and complete your community service hours this summer and fall at Cape Ann TV! We have had several students working on completing their community service hours at Cape Ann TV. You can work with us on projects such as public service announcements (PSAs) for local nonprofit service organizations and studio and field productions. We’ll help you to build your skills and some nice portfolio pieces! You will also be creating content for our local community television channels and helping local organizations to develop publicity pieces!  Call us at 978-281-2443.

After-the-Beach Video Club – Touring and Taping!

Cape Ann TV is pleased to announce our schedule for the Summer Video Club for kids interested in learning about videotaping and creating television productions. The group meets during the summer on the Tuesdays listed below. We hope that teenage citizens of Cape Ann will join us for these fun adventures! Space is limited, so call us soon!

Tuesday, July 12

Tour Schooner Adventure – Gloucester Marine Railway, Rocky Neck, Gloucester                                                                          The Schooner Adventure has a new home and the group will tour and videotape.

Tuesday, July 19

Tour of Cape Pond Ice – 104 Commercial St. (Fort Area) Gloucester                                                                                                Students will tape some of the coolest guys in town will let us know about the history of ice making and why ice is important to the world famous fishing fleet in this area.

Tuesday, July 26 (Weather permitting)

Tour of Butterfly Garden, 22 Plum St. East Gloucester                                                                                                                                 We will tour and tape the butterfly gardens of Kim Smith, at her home and learn how to attract winged creatures such as butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and even bats!

If it rains, the group  we will travel to Art Haven, 180 Main St., Gloucester. Here, the students will have the opportunity to explore this non-profit art organization where kids can create impressive pieces of art.

Tuesday, August 2

Rain date for Butterfly Garden in East Gloucester.

Tuesday, August 9

Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, 23 Harbor Loop, Gloucester                                                                                                             The kids will get to tape and learn about Gloucester’s maritime history and visit the aquariums.

Tuesday, August 16

Tour of Eastern Point Light House, Eastern Point Boulevard, Gloucester                                                                                        The U.S Coast Guard will permit us to tape and give us a rare tour of this Cape Ann beacon that not many people have seen.

Call Lisa Smith if you are interested in joining our program: 978.281.2443