Operation Troop Support – Donate items to soldiers by November 21

Donate any of the following items to our troops:

 Food Items

Single serve packets Instant Coffee / Tea / Sugar / Powdered Cream

Granola bars / Nuts / Beef Jerky / Cereal and Oatmeal packets/ Cookies / Pretzels

Peanut butter – (don’t forget the Crackers!) Tuna / Fruit / Soup

Powdered Drink Mixes for Hot and Cold/Instant Hot Chocolate

Sun Flower Seeds / Trident Gum / Mints

*Individual serving sizes are ideal for our troops!

*Pull tabs on canned items, please.


All items are needed especially

Baby Wipes/ Q-TIPS/Feminine hygiene products

Lip Balm/Dry Skin Lotion/Foot Powder


                                          White socks appreciated! Troops walk 10+ miles every day

Fresh, clean socks are a luxury and a necessity, also

Underwear, Boxers/ Briefs /Thermals/ Ladies’ Panties/T-Shirts/Sport Bras

Recreational Time

Cards and Letters from home/Notes and Drawings from  school children

Books / Magazines / Playing Cards/Gloucester & Rockport Bumper Stickers

Crossword Puzzle Books / Word Find books

DVD’s / CD’s, Portable DVD Players, Portable CD Players

Telephone Cards, Small, Hand-held Electronic Games/Batteries AA and AAA

 ~Please remember our female soldiers too! ~

*Donations to Help with Mailing Costs and Telephone Cards are Appreciated

We ask that You keep all Our Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines and

Our Wounded Recovering in Military Hospitals around the World

In Your Thoughts and Prayers.

Donations will be accepted for holiday mailing through November 21, 2011

Please Deliver Your Donations to:

Lucia Amero

Office Of Veterans’ Services

12 Emerson Avenue

Gloucester, Ma 01930

For Pick-Up Telephone (978) 281-9740


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