Program Highlights on Cape Ann TV for the Week of April 8 – 14

This week’s new programming on Cape Ann TV Channels 12, 20 and 67 includes:

Turbines 101: a discussion of Gloucester’s Wind Turbines (two hours), a panel discussion with the engineers and Mayor Kirk tell you how these three new giants on the Gloucester skyline came to be. This program took place at the Sawyer Free Library in March to a packed house.

Cape Ann Today with Sheila Blake (30 minutes), Sheila interviews Gloucester resident Carol Pallazolla, Education and Outreach Coordinator for PACE (Elder Service Plan of the North Shore, Inc.) about its services and its goal to assist seniors in living in their own homes versus nursing home care. On the second half of the show she talks with a Visiting Nurse, Marge LeDuc who runs a popular Clinic each Wednesday at the Rose Baker Senior Center.

Mosquito Forum- Health Risk and Controls (2 hours) listen to what the experts have to say about these pesky (and sometimes lethal) creatures. This panel discussion was organized by the Cape Ann Emergency Planning Team and the Cape Ann Boards of Health and held at Cruiseport.

Fish, Fraud and Forensics (one hour and 30 minutes), find out why you might not be eating the fish you think you are eating. Some markets and restaurants sell their customers cheap fish, but tell the customer it is another (more expensive) fish and charge them the expensive fish price! This program is part of series of lectures on fish and is presented by Gloucester Maritime.

Cape Ann Report, (30 Minutes) Host Maureen Aylward interviews the folks from the Cape Ann TimeBank on their Eco-Tour scavenger hunt. The second segment is about innovative science education, and recognition and achievement at Gloucester Middle and High schools. Kim Smith’s video short, BomBom Butterflies, is included in the show.

Manchester Town Meeting and Rockport Town Meeting air multiple times this week on Channel 67.

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