Join Cape Ann Television!

Cape Ann TV, your community channels 12, 20 and 67, are where you can watch municipal meetings, special events, school sports, and the creative efforts of your neighbors. We are located at 38 Blackburn Center where there’s a television studio, editing suites, and field cameras that community producers can use. Whether you choose to volunteer as crew in a studio show or make your own program, Cape Ann TV provides all the training you need! We’re a membership-based organization that is dedicated to providing public access for the free exchange of information and ideas that reflect the talents, skills, interests, concerns and diversity of the Cape Ann community. Additionally, our local non-profits and community groups have come to rely on us to get the word out about what they do. A non-profit since 2007, Cape Ann TV in turn relies on donations to move forward with new technology, equipment and better programs. We ask for your support as we build our services and expand our programs to offer you more about what’s most important to you in your community. Join as a member or sign up a young person in your life for our one of our summer programs! Call us at: 978-281-2443.


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