Learn How to Conduct a Great Television Interview

Learn some great interviewing skills. Discover your inner reporter. Come to Cape Ann TV’s Interviewing workshop featuring Cape Ann Beacon editor Jane Enos. Whether you’re conducting an interview for a local television program or a school newspaper, there are a few tips to keep in mind as you conduct an interview. An effective interviewer learns to keep the conversation flowing smoothly and allows the interviewee time to respond without interruption. Asking the right kinds of questions and prompting the interviewee also leads to a successful interview. Learn some of the best tips on preparing for an interview, asking great questions and landing a great interview. Sign up for our workshop on Monday, November 28 from 3- 4:30 p.m.

Jane Fosberry Enos grew up in Gloucester. She graduated from Gloucester High School, where she was the editor of the Flash, which was the school newspaper, and assistant editor for The Beacon, which was the school’s literary magazine.  Jane attended Boston University’s College of Communication, earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She worked as an editor for the Gloucester Daily Times for 17 years, then became the editor of the weekly Ipswich Chronicle. She has been the editor of the Cape Ann Beacon since it began in June 2007. During high school, Jane worked as a page at the Sawyer Free Library. She volunteered at the O’Maley School Library, and is now volunteering at the Veterans’ Memorial School library. She has also been a Girl Scout leader for many years.


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