Paul Jermain Celebrates 100th Episode of “Smart Boating”

We at Cape Ann TV would like to congratulate one of our members, Paul Jermain, for the soon to be released 100th episode of his show Smart Boating here on Cape Ann TV! The informative weekly program is centered around the premise for boaters to be more knowledgeable while out at sea. The program has also covered the topics of purchasing new and used boats, components-propellers, electrical systems and upholstery. Other topics include comparing boat types and talks about safety when out on the water.

The Start

The show began in August 2006 after Paul had a lunchtime conversation with a marine surveyor friend where they discussed how Paul could potentially run a better boating show than a well-known syndicated boating show that was airing at the time. Paul’s story is particularly fascinating because he had no idea how to produce a television program at the time or what type of time commitment it would involve, but he never the less he decided to go for it. Jermain’s skills in an Entrepreneurial Training Program and training at Cape Ann TV, gave him skills that helped him to get the show started and three weeks after the idea was brought forth.

The show’s format, which is informal and conversational, features Jermain and a guest, who is typically an expert on the specific form of boating, discussing that subject. Using Cape Ann Television resources, Paul is able to produce his own show. He usually puts about 15 hours of videotaping and editing work into what you see in each episode of “Smart Boating.” Without the ability to use Cape Ann Television community access television equipment and resources, Paul might not otherwise be able to produce his own show — it would likely be cost prohibitive. All of you also have an opportunity to produce your own shows.

Cape Ann TV’s Comment

Everyone at Cape Ann TV is proud to have supported Jermain throughout the show creation and to give him and other Cape Ann Television members the ability to cablecast a show on your local public access community television channels.  “Smart Boating” is an ideal example of what members can achieve when they join as a member of Cape Ann Television. We hope that the 100th episode is one of many milestones to come for the show. The show highlights the purpose of public access and our  local access channels — to give all residents “access” to the equipment and training they can use to create shows about topics of interest to them and about their community — and the ability to show their programs on our local channels.

You can check out “Smart Boating” which is cablecast weekly on CATV Channel 12 on Tuesday evenings at 8 p.m., Friday afternoons at 2 p.m. and Sunday afternoons at 2:30 p.m.. It is also shown on 30 other local public access cable TV station channels on the North Shore and across the United States. Also see a special interview with Paul on ” Cape Ann Report,” that will be cablecast on Wednesday, July 6 at 7:30 p.m. and replayed on

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