An Intern’s Perspective at Cape Ann Television

Hello everyone, I’m Trevor Levine, a summer intern here at Cape Ann TV.  I’m currently completing internship hours to graduate from St. Bonaventure University so I have signed up for a lot of hours at Cape Ann TV. Originally from Beverly, I currently travel to Gloucester four times a week and assist with studio production work and help with the day-to-day operations at the studio.


After my first month here, I am beginning to understand that the cool thing about the Cape Ann Television is that the content and product that we air to the viewers at home truly is a reflection of the people that we are surrounded by! Now not to sound “corny” or anything, but there truly is no place like Cape Ann! I first became involved in community television when I was in high school and I volunteered at Beverly Access (BevCam),  the local station in my hometown of Beverly. When I was there, it was always a very quiet environment with no more than 5 people in the studio at any given time, and despite only being a public access station, I never got the feeling that I was in a television atmosphere. I can’t say the same about Cape Ann Television. Not a day that passes by here in which where there are less than 20 different people in the studio! Although technically we are a small studio, I feel like I am working in a much larger station. The people from Cape Ann are the ones who make this station special. I have observed the taping of 5 different shows and each and every one has been done by a unique person that I could only imagine being a part of Cape Ann.


Since working here, I have gotten experience covering Gloucester City Council and School Board Meetings. Despite the length of the meetings, sometimes being a bit lengthier than what the average college student would expect, watching these meetings gives me a sense of the type of people that can only be found at Cape Ann. At these meetings, I am in charge of running the robotic camera system which then sends a live feed from City Hall to the station and then to your television sets at home. Although I am learning to handle this work as part of my internship,  prior to attending the meetings, I really had no idea how the government functioned on a city level. So while I am able to learn the use of a unique type of camera system,  I am also fortunate to see a small government in action and have learned so much about what people on the citywide level want from their government — which is something you rarely have the chance to learn in television unless its through the cable access channel.


The cool thing about being here is that I have been able to work on so many different projects and am learning about how a studio runs on a daily basis. I can now say that I have worked with broadcast level equipment, learned how to use the Final Cut video editing software, and met many people who can help me launch my career into the field of mass media. I look forward to, hopefully one day, creating my own show here as well as, using the experiences that I got here for a paying job in television some day!


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