Join our team! Donate to Cape Ann TV during our Annual Appeal!

As Cape Ann TV celebrates its fourth successful year as a nonprofit public access community television station, we ask that you consider donating to our annual appeal. When you support Cape Ann TV, you support your local community access center that works with all of you and our nonprofit service organizations, schools, the city and towns to share valuable information and celebrate all that is wonderful and unique about Cape Ann! With your support, we can continue to build the services and resources we offer to the Cape Ann communities.

You may be asked to contribute to many different causes during the year to very worthwhile organizations. We would like to be one of them. We work diligently to offer you the best possible services and resources that will enrich your local community. If you wonder what we do, you can tune in to our local channels and see the programs produced by our members — some of whom are middle and high school students. We provide training to residents of all ages groups and walks of life. We’ve trained students from all three Cape Ann high schools, hosted Gordon College interns and initiated a weekly youth video club. In addition to our established series programming, we are now cablecasting new exciting and engaging shows such as “The Local Music Seen,” and “Cape Ann Profiles.”  We also held a special collaborative community event honoring Virginia Lee Burton and cablecast a special tribute to beloved sports hero John “Doc” Enos in a program produced by Bob Drohan. We empower you — the residents of Cape Ann — to become local correspondents and tell the world what is so special about Cape Ann!

One of our biggest challenges is to keep up with the demand for more public access programming as we require equipment maintenance, replacement and upgrades. Our team of three staff people and many volunteers cover four communities in Cape Ann in multiple capacities. As we expand programming and opportunities for community members of all ages to produce their own shows, one malfunctioning camera can really impact member’s abilities to cover important events. Cape Ann TV is quite unique in that we cover four distinct geographical areas, yet receive the minimum amount of public access support through the cable license agreement. Most of the access centers in individual cities and towns in Massachusetts receive the full 5% public access funding.  This fiscal challenge substantially affects our ability to grow, yet we have maintained full staffing and a balanced budget for every year of operation. This is why we need your support!

The value of our channels and resources is almost immeasurable. Local public access television provides educational and learning experiences, builds knowledge and understanding of our communities, contributes to local economic development through the free flow of information, news and community dialogue that enriches our city and towns. The nonprofit service organizations that serve each Cape Ann community has a valuable means to publicize their services to you. Residents from students to senior citizens not only build media and video skills but work together side-by-side documenting events and “history in the making” by chronicling what is most important to them about Cape Ann. In exchange for the minimal amount of the access fee franchise dollars we receive, we are proud to offer a much higher rate of return in the value of the services and resources we offer to your community. We hope that you will join in supporting us and helping us to build the resources that benefit all of you!

Please consider making a contribution of $50-$100, or any amount you can afford, to help us continue our efforts to serve the communities of Cape Ann! This is truly is a place united by community, and together, we can celebrate community! Send your donation to Cape Ann TV, 38 Blackburn Center, Gloucester, MA 01930. Thank you!


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