10 Reasons to Take Pride in Cape Ann Television

Cape Ann TV is a unique local public access community television station that provides an open forum for free speech, community dialogue, cultural exchange and artistic expression. Community Television reaches people who live at Cape Ann. CATV cablecasts locally on Channels 12, 20, and 67 (Comcast), television for the community, by the community.

Through your local Cape Ann Television Channels…

  • You have access to the media to make your voice heard on television.
  • You can value the debates and the intelligent, refreshing discussion of complicated issues that allow you to become educated and engaged in local government.
  • You can listen to local town meetings and listen to critical information that can be distributed to the people of your town.
  • A simple story can be told right away about the need for food in the food pantry can help rally residents to help fill the shelves.
  • You can watch locally produced programs, sometimes produced by your neighbors, that encourage you to think about your town in a different way.
  • You can speak with a staff person who can answer a technical question or help you to find an answer.
  • A positive voice is given to the community by providing a healthy outlet to youth through our student programs such as the “Teen Productions” with the Healthy Gloucester Collaborative.
  • You have the opportunity to document meetings concerts, graduation ceremonies and town events and help to chronicle the history of your town.
  • You can be one of the more than one hundred  nonprofits throughout Cape Ann who have been able to educate the community about their services.
  • You can hear from and see people and the places you know from your own neighborhood.


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