Summer Update from Cape Ann TV

What’s New at CATV

Cape Ann TV is now in its fourth year operating as a public access nonprofit organization. As a community service organization, we are always looking for ways to grow and to keep our operations running smoothly.

Just this past month, we hosted our Annual Members meeting, which served as a forum to show the supporters of CATV all that our organization has accomplished during this past year. We showed members highlights of  the programs created by local middle and high school students that gave them experience in producing a program and was an extra curricular activity for them. We have also trained interns from three local area high schools, hosted Gordon College interns and initiated a weekly youth video club.

New Twitter Page!

CATV has also found its way onto Twitter, where we set up an account last month. Be sure to follow us for programming and in studio updates for what is coming your way on your local cable access channel.

We Also Are Looking for your Support

As a local nonprofit community access station, it is sometimes difficult for us to keep up with the demand for more public access programming with equipment upgrades, maintenance and repairs. Our team of volunteers and staff are dedicated to covering the four communities in Cape Ann in multiple capacities. We are a unique station in covering such a large geographical area with such limited support from the cable access contract. Most area access stations — serving just one city or town — receive the full 4-5% through their cable license contracts whereas we currently receive a much smaller percentage. This fiscal challenge does impact our ability to grow, yet we have maintained full staffing and a balanced budget for every year of operation.

Most people enjoy certain broadcast television shows and public television programs. But what could be more important that supporting your local access channels? These channels are devoted to the people who live and work in Cape Ann. We ask your support of local cable access by donating to our annual appeal! If you can make a contribution of $25-$100 or any amount that you can afford, you will help us to continue to bring the best technology, resources and training to the community.  This is truly a place united by community! With your help and support, we can offer more services and resources to you that will help all of us to take pride and celebrate all that is wonderful area about this place we live in.

If you would like to support Cape Ann TV, your local community television station,  you may contact us at:

Cape Ann TV
38 Blackburn Center
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 281.2443
Fax: (978) 281.8679


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