Internship Programs and Opportunities at Cape Ann Television

Internships for High School and College Aged Students

Cape Ann Television is always looking for interns who are interested in internships or fulfilling community service hours for either their high school or college internship programs. We also invite anyone looking to build knowledge and understanding of television production to join us. If you are accepted as an intern, we can give you an opportunity to develop real world job skills and potential portfolio pieces as well as the ability to offer nonprofit access centers persons assistance in developing projects. Internships are a pre-requisite for many students who are pursuing a college degree and for others who are interested in taking their skills into the work world after graduation.

Skills can be developed

These are some of the skills that can be developed through an internship with us:

  • Creating portfolio pieces for prospective employers
  • Getting hands-on real world television experience
  • Attending Cape Ann TV’s production courses and training
  • Having access to the equipment, facility and resources
  • Learning television production skills and television techniques
  • Working in a friendly business environment

Remember that an internship with us is a great way for students to fulfill their community service hours!

Anyone interested in an internship at Cape Ann Television can call us or find out more info on our website:


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