Becoming a Member of Cape Ann TV

What does being a member mean?

Becoming a member of Cape Ann TV means that you are not only getting involved with the station but also the Cape Ann community. We are a non-profit corporation, so the donations of residents and businesses may be tax-deductible. When you join, you are helping us and your community by assisting in covering events and activities for our three access channels:

Public– Free exchange of information and ideas that reflect the talents, skills, interests concerns and diversity of the Cape Ann Community
Education– Supporting our schools with school-related meetings and news
Government– Municipal and town meetings, public hearings, boards and commissions, local elections

What does it take?

To become a member, you can join each year at various levels:

Individuals  – $20
Families – $50
Tax-Exempt Nonprofits – $100
Businesses and other Organizations – $150

What can you do?

There are many things you can do with a CATV membership:

  • Take pride in supporting CATV’s mission
  • Receive training in television production
  • Use television field production, studio and editing equipment to produce your own shows for cablecast on Community Access Channels 12, 20 and 67
  • Network and share creative ideas with others
  • Engage in community service by videotaping municipal or school meeting
  • Enjoy a wide variety of special events

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